» 2016

  • We started off the year with our 2nd Annual New Year’s Day cruise. Our inaugural event last year brought out 8 Mustangs. This year we had 40 people riding or driving in 27 Mustangs. We wended our way from Valley Forge Park to Marsh Creek and it was a great way to start out the new year.
  • Next up was the Philadelphia Auto Show which brought out 76 members and was the second highest club represented. Ford put on a breakfast for 800 people from 21 Mustang clubs. Featured at the show were two of the Fiat 500’s that escorted the Pope on his historic trip to Philadelphia last year. The auto show had a club car display and member cars owned by Mike Baer, Bob Parsons, Keith Stahl and Karl Feltner were chosen to represent VFMC.
  • In April we had our 3rd bowling night with 16 members participating. Like last year, the bowling included pizza, soda, laser tag and video games.
  • On April 17, which was National Mustang Day, VFMC hosted an event which included a cruise to Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton. We had 25 Mustangs participating, which was part of 13,000 Mustangs from 250 clubs around the world organizing events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang.
  • Five couples attended the Ancient City MCA National Show in Florida. All five took awards in their classes: Jonaitises, Tranbargers, Gomez, Tommy Lee and Mary Mullin and Russ Shaw and Sue Montgomery.
  • The Club’s 1st Road Rally was held having been organized by Tom and Rose Mosteller and Tina Bauman. 14 drivers/navigators in 7 Mustangs followed a prescribed route and answered questions along the way, ending where “Mona Lisa’s painter hung out” which was Da Vinci’s Pub. The Bartholomew’s won first place and the Phipps took “dead last.“
  • Our 35th Mustang show at Kimberton was held at the end of May. We had a record 150 pre-registrations and total registration of 267, five short of last year. We had commemorative 35th T-shirts available. Michelle Silenzio-Franklin organized the Chinese Auction which included 60 items and resulted in proceeds of $1200. Bob Parsons, Jr. wrote the computer program which enabled us to easily tabulate the votes and quickly announce the winners.
  • At Carlisle we had over 40 registered and 9 winners. This year Carlisle organized a flag display which included 150 red, white, blue and a couple silver and yellow Mustangs. Six of the club members had their cars in the display.
  • June Cruise was again held at the King of Prussia fire hall where the Baumans grilled up hotdogs and hamburgers and we had 40 members present in 28 Mustangs.
  • 21 Mustang participated in the Rosemont 4th of July parade with Cindy Phipps getting 5 Pony Points for having the best decorated car. Cindy and Cindie Bartholomew walked the parade route passing out candy.
  • Our 4th Becky’s drive-in event was held and attracted 20 Mustangs. The weather was quite unpredictable and resulted in a lot of rain right before the featured films which included Secret Life of Pets and the Legend of Tarzan.
  • The Baumans again grilled up some delicious food for our picnic which included 50 people in 23 Mustangs held at Warwick Park. Tim Sudall brought his drone to take overhead shots of the Mustangs lined up in the field.
  • Four couples attended the Mustangs on the Niagara MCA show with 1st place awards going to Jonaitises, Tranbargers and Russell Shaw. Natalie Gomez received the Conservator award.
  • On October 1, Dave Shingle was awarded the Red Grille Medallion for Betty’s ‘66 Mustang. Betty had passed away in 2013 still needing 3 more points to get to the 20-point requirement for the Red Grille Medallion.
  • The 15th ABM Nationals were held at Cecil County Dragway and was considered the Last Call. Bill Tumas will no longer be hosting this event. We had 9 racers and 7 spectators attend.
  • The 7th Poker Run was held this year with a route in the Lehigh Valley. We had 20 people in 8 Mustangs attend. Some of the stops included the Crayola Factory, America on Wheels Museum, and ending at the Copperhead Grill where Rose Mosteller took the top prize of $190 and Dan Corby won second place of $40.
  • Our Christmas Party was held for the first time at the Spring Ford Country Club and everyone loved it. It’s a beautiful room and they had a delicious buffet. As usual we had Buster twisting balloons and the visit from Santa after dinner. For the first time, John Bartholomew brought his photo booth which was a big hit. Bob Parsons, Jr. was announced the Mustanger of the Year.
  • The year’s activities concluded by delivering food and gifts to our adopted Christmas family which included a mother of 6 children whose husband was incarcerated. Tina and Missy Bauman assembled and wrapped all of the items and about 6 or 7 other members went along to deliver them to the family.

Updated by Jackie Dahlen - January 2018

» 2015

  • Three club members (Jackie Dahlen, Kris Rebuck and Frank Powell) purchased the newly-styled 6th generation 2015 Mustang and decided to get together on New Year’s Day at Valley Forge Park to check out each other’s cars . A few other members decided to attend also in what would become the start of an annual event. Members in 8 Mustangs cruised around the park and then drove to Marsh Creek Park for some more photo ops.
  • Ford had their preview event at the Philadelphia Auto Show featuring a sit-down breakfast and John Clor as the guest speaker. There were 94 Club members in attendance.
  • In April we had our 2nd bowling night with 25 members attending. We had a fun night of bowling, pizza, sodas, laser tag and video games.
  • In May we had our 6th annual Poker Run at Cape May. 20 players in 10 Mustangs collected a poker card at each stop which included the Cape May Zoo, downtown Cape May, Sunset Beach with miniature golf, the Lighthouse, and ending for dinner at Harpoon Louie’s. Fran Bruton won $160 with 4 fours and Tim Hammond took second place which was $40 with 3 tens.
  • At the end of May we held our 34th car show at Kimberton registering a record 272 Mustangs. $500 raised through the 50/50 was donated to the Epilepsy Foundation.
  • At Carlisle this year we had a huge turn out and also had special Carlisle club T-shirts. 28 members received awards this year.
  • Our June Cruise was held at the King of Prussia Fire Hall with Chris Thomas manning the grill and with Mustangs spanning 50 years, 1965 to 2015.
  • In July, long time member, Cathy Madison, passed away.
  • We had 15 Mustangs participate in the Rosemont Fourth of July parade. Michelle Silenzio-Franklin escorted the Grand Marshal.
  • Approximately 35 members in 16 Mustangs went to Becky’s Drive-in for movie night which featured the Minions.
  • 65 club members in 15 Mustangs attended our August picnic, again hosted by the Baumans who did all the grilling.
  • At the beginning of September, several members attended the MCA Buckeye Grand National show in Ohio. Attendees included Tommy Lee, Mary Mullin, the Jonaitises, Natalie Gomez, Dave Shingle and Bob Miller.
  • In September, for the first time, we put on our own car show. It was the First All Ford Car Show. We registered 100 cars and had various concessions, ice cream, hot dogs, and the Ford merchandise truck. We also had special T-shirts made just for the car show. We raised $500 which was donated to Alex‘s Lemonade Stand. We did this car show with the thought that we might consider hosting an MCA show in the future. It was held to prove to ourselves that we could put on a first class car show all by ourselves.
  • The 14th annual ABM Nationals were held at Cecil County Dragway. We had 10 racers but with a total of 225 entrants, there were long waits and few passes made this year. As has become a tradition, we went to Woody’s Crab Shack for dinner.
  • The temperatures were very mild for our Christmas party at the King of Prussia Fire Hall. We used a new caterer this year, Lindinger‘s, which was very good. Michelle provided lovely centerpieces for our tables and Bob put together a slideshow of photos taken throughout the year. Dan Corby was the Mustanger of the Year. This year we adopted one of our own as our Christmas family. We raised $900 for the Hammonds, whose son Jax spent many months at CHOP with a life-threatening disorder.

Updated by Jackie Dahlen in January 2018.

» 2014

  • Our usual cookout January meeting was canceled due to snow.
  • The Philadelphia Auto Show featured the unveiling of the new 2015 Mustang. One feature of the show was Mopars versus Ford muscle cars. Mike Baer's 2004 Mystichrome cobra was featured.
  • On April 17, several club members attended the 50th anniversary Mustang celebration in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience which included ride-and-drive the new 2015 Fords, a 900 Mustang Cruise Guinness world record attempt and a fabulous banquet where we could rub shoulders with celebrities including Steve Saleen, Jack Rouch, Edsel Ford, Gale Halderman and Dave Pericak.
  • Our 33rd Kimberton show registered 200 cars and had special 50-year trophies. Natalie donated beautiful tote bags as participation awards which had the club logo on them.
  • Our 5th poker run in Cape May featured such stops as the Forgotten Warriors Museum, Naval Air Aviation Museum, Cape May shopping, Sunset Beach, miniature golf, the lighthouse, Lewes ferry and finally dinner at Harpoon Henry's. Ashton Bartholomew won $210 for the best poker hand.
  • Carlisle this year had a 50 Years of Mustangs display which featured club cars belonging to John Bartholomew, Sharon Jonaitis, Karl McClellan, Susie Rhinesmith and Mark Mumper. Karen and Jackie's New Edge Mustangs were featured in the Female Invitational Display building and Cindy Brownback and Mike Baer's Mustangs were in the Specialty Vehicles building.
  • On June 14 we had another Mustang wedding for Holly Brownback's boss. We had 12 Mustangs featuring John Lesser's 1991 to drive the groom who had previously owned one.
  • It rained this year for the Fourth of July Rosemont parade but we were still 15 Mustangs strong with Brian McGowan escorting the Grand Marshal in his red convertible.
  • We had 20 Mustangs attend the Beckys drive-in event which featured 4 movies: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers, Earth 2 Echo, and The Fault in Our Stars.
  • The Baumans again put on a fabulous picnic for us in August where we had 23 Mustangs and 65 people attending.
  • 37 members attended the 9th annual Alex's Lemonade Stand car show and we also received the Club Participation award. Riley Gillaspie raised $13,000 at the show bringing his 9-year total $107,000.
  • In October members attended 3 events: the 3 Dog Garage Tour, the Great Train Robbery, and the Ford Mustang Bucket List event.
  • Seven racers attended the 13th ABM Nationals at Cecil County Dragway with first time racers, Scott Lay getting a 12.8 time and Dan Corby a 13.55 best time.
  • The club again adopted a family to help at Christmas time. Jennifer O'Daniell was raising 4 boys, including a very ill two-month-old. We again provided presents for all the children and all the fixings for a Christmas dinner.
  • Our Christmas party was in a new location this year, the King of Prussia Fire Hall where we conduct our meetings. A very festive time was had by all and Scott Lay was awarded the Mustanger of the Year.

Updated by Jackie Dahlen 9/30/2015

» 2012 - 2013

  • Mummers and Mustangs started the year off with Karen Baum and Michelle Silenzio-Franklin driving Eagles cheerleaders in their 'verts in the New Year's Day parade.
  • Long time club member, Bert Winterbourne, passed away on January 1.
  • Ford again provided a private preview and breakfast for Mustang enthusiasts at the Philly Auto Show. The preview was of a 2013 School Bus Yellow Boss Leguna Seca.
  • Sharon Jonaitis said that the new bylaws had been passed by the membership in accordance with the requirements of our club becoming a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization last year.
  • This year we combined the poker run with the Cape May trip and 21 members enjoyed a day of shopping, miniature golf, Sunset Beach, the Lighthouse and dinner at Harpoon Henry's. Donald won the poker pot with three of a kind.
  • Our 31st Kimberton Show was held on May 27 and we registered over 160 Mustangs.
  • At Carlisle, this was the first year that our club had a tent for registering at least 25 members. Karen and Jackie both participated in the burnout contest.
  • 70 members attended our picnic on August 5 at Warwick Park. The Baumans again did a superb job of organizing and cooking for us. We were also treated to the fabulous singing and guitar playing of Amelia Scalies.
  • VFMC went international with newly registered member, Justin Bernhard from Pinetown, South Africa.
  • Through an organization called "Helping Hands", we learned of a gentleman with intellectual disabilities who was a big fan of Blue Vintage Mustangs. Several members attended the "Birthday for Bill" event where he was treated to a ride in Rick Peraino's Blue 1970 convertible.
  • The King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company, where we conduct our meetings, installed a 911 Memorial Brick which the club donated to the cause.
  • The club was again invited to drive our Mustangs in the Rosemont Fourth of July parade. Only difference this year was we were not permitted to throw candy for the children, so three of the ladies walked the route, handing out the candy to the kids.
  • 20 members attended the Mustang Stampede at Fred Beans in Boyertown which benefited Tim Donley, a double amputee wounded in Afghanistan.
  • The club again received the Club Participation Award at the Alex's Lemonade Stand Car Show.
  • Several members attended the Ocean State MCA National Show with awards going to Karen Baum, Natalie Gomez, Bruce and Nancy Philipp and Bob Miller.
  • The ABM Nationals at Cecil County got off to a late start due to some sprinkles. The veterans welcomed John Bartholomew and Tim Hammond as first-time drag racers.
  • This year, the St. James Outreach Project provided us with the name of the Boone family to help for Christmas. Brenda Boone was taking care of four grandchildren whose mother had been brutally murdered. The children all loved looking at our Stangs and Brenda was so appreciative of our food and gift donations.
  • We finished out the year with our Christmas Party at Edgmont Country Club where Ken and Sue Lessig were named Mustangers of the Year.

Updated by Jackie Dahlen - March 2015

  • John Bartholomew began his first term as Vice President of the club.
  • At the Philly Auto Show, they had a face-off between Mustangs vs. Camaros. Several club members had their vehicles in the Mustang display including Karl McClellan, Bob Conlan, Karen Baum, Alan Orenstein, James Gill and Mike Baer. At the end of the week, the Mustangs won the face-off. Parnelli Jones was the guest speaker at this Ford-sponsored event.
  • In March, Karen Baum featured her 1968GT/CS high country special, and Frank Hoover his 1969 Mach 1 428 CJ at the Northeast Rod and Custom show.
  • On April 6, former club president, Betty Shingle, passed away after a difficult bout with cancer. Betty will be remembered for bringing the club back from the brink of extinction when she agreed to become president several years ago.
  • With a few sprinkles here and there, we held the Cape May Poker Run on May 19 and included a photo-op in Wildwood as one of our stops. After dinner at Harpoon Henry's, Mike Baer won $230 in the poker pot with two pairs, queens and tens.
  • We registered 211 Mustangs at our Kimberton show and for the first time had staff members wearing bright green "Event Staff" T-shirts.
  • At Carlisle, many of us met Justin Bernhard, our South African member, who was in the states visiting family. We also had 48 cars registered for Carlisle. Next year we should definitely have at least 50 and qualify for the larger tent. Karl McClellan's 1965 fastback was featured in the HiPo 289 display.
  • Several members attended a very rainy MCA show in Asheville with Dave Shingle, Nils and Sharon Jonaitis, Natalie Gomez, Melissa Zitkus and the Lessigs earning awards.
  • 15 Mustangs drove in the July 4th Rosemont Parade featuring three sets of red, white and blue Mustangs. Mike Baer escorted the grand marshal in his mystichrome Cobra and Jackie's Junior was voted best decorated Mustang.
  • On July 13, several members enjoyed a night at the movies at Becky's Drive-in. It is one of only a very few drive-in movie theaters left in the country. We all parked our Mustangs together and enjoyed some good food and good movies.
  • On July 28, we rented a parlour car through the Wilmington Western Railroad and participated in the Great Train Robbery. The reenactors are to be commended as they spent the entire 17 minutes of the robbery reenactment in the pouring rain.
  • August 4 we had 26 Mustangs lined up in the field at our annual picnic at Warwick Park and got some great photographs. The Baumans again displayed their cooking skills and hospitality.
  • In August, we were treated to a tour of the Monster Mile at Dover. The tour included the "garage" where race cars are serviced, a presentation in the press room, and several laps around the track in our Mustangs including pit stops, as well as photos of us in Victory Lane.
  • Karen Loftus, Natalie Gomez and the Bartholomews were awarded cute little Mickey Mouse trophies at the MCA Mustangs at the Mickyard show.
  • Although there were a lot of good drag racers and match-ups at Cecil County Dragway in November, the day belonged to the ladies. Tina, Jackie and Susie Rhinesmith all set new personal bests and newcomer, Amy Lesser set a baseline time to beat next year.
  • Ironically, we were assigned the Hopely family to help for Christmas. We had helped them several years ago but the family dynamics greatly changed. Both of the parents were now deceased and two of their young adult children were taking over the care of the rest. We made deliveries in two locations this time as the family was scattered in several places. They were very grateful to have us help them again.
  • Our Christmas party at Edgmont was quite a challenge this year. Through heavy snow, it took many members and even the caterer 2 to 3 hours to get to the party. It would turn out to be our last party at Edgmont as they recently declared bankruptcy.
  • Donald Gatenby was voted Mustanger of the Year.

Updated by Jackie Dahlen, March, 2015.

» 2010 - 2011

  • The club history has not been updated for the last five years. Jim Aberts felt it was time to turn the reins of documenting our history over to someone new. We want to thank Jim for his tireless effort over the last 30 years in documenting our history as Jackie Dahlen is now taking over that task.
  • 2010 finds Bob Parsons commencing his second year as President. The year was kicked off with our January cookout meeting. Chris Thomas again brought his grill in his truck, set it up, cooked and cleaned up.
  • For the first time, Ford sponsored a breakfast and private preview at the Philly Auto Show. 250 attended with 45 being from VFMC. The private preview was the 2011 Mustang GT with the 5.0 engine.
  • Bob announced that we have a new server for the Forum and our new website is www.thevfmc.org.
  • In March, Donald Gatenby organized a trip to the Northlandz Train Museum.
  • April drag racing at Cecil County Dragway resulted in lots of burnouts and several grudge matches.
  • In May, the club took a trip to the AACA Museum in Hershey where Jim Aberts is a volunteer.
  • In May, we had our car show at Kimberton and reached an all-time high record of 201 Mustangs registered.
  • In June, many club members attended the Carlisle All Ford Nationals. Jackie Dahlen participated in the Burnout Contest going the three-minute limit and blowing one tire.
  • Chris Powers organized the first Poker Run in June which stopped at five locations in Bucks County, including Peddlers Village and New Hope. With a pair of aces, Karen Baer won the $200 pot.
  • In July, 18 club members drove the wedding party in their Mustangs for the Allie and Chris Powers' wedding. It was the most complicated wedding to arrange to date as members assembled at two different locations and caravaned separately to the reception site.
  • Several members attended the MCA National Show in Virginia Beach with awards going to Natalie Gomez, Betty and Dave Shingle, Frank Hoover, Bob Parsons and Karen Baum.
  • In September, 23 members attended the third annual Alex's Lemonade Stand car show. This is a show that we have heavily supported since its inception.
  • The usual suspects, Jackie, Karen, Bob and Tina attended the November SSOTN drag racing at Cecil County. We were joined by newcomers, Nils Jonaitis, Steve Douglas and Fran Bruton.
  • For the first time, we received the name of a family in need at Christmas time and club members delivered food and gifts to the house where the Hopely family was staying. They really enjoyed seeing our Mustangs.
  • We again held our Christmas Party at the Edgmont Country Club. Bob announced that as of year end we had 151 members in the club. Tina Bauman was voted the Mustanger of the Year and Natalie Gomez was recognized for 30 years of service to the club and awarded a lifetime membership.

  • The year started with Sharon Jonaitis taking over as club treasurer. She replaced Natalie Gomez who had been the treasurer for the past 15 years.
  • New Year's Day found Karen Baum driving one of three Mustang convertibles in the Mummers Parade, as she escorted 2 Eagles cheerleaders in the back of her '95 White GT convertible.
  • 110 Club members were treated to breakfast and a private preview of the 2012 Boss 302 at the Philadelphia Auto Show.
  • It was voted on by the board that the club would apply to become a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization.
  • In April, club members in 26 Mustangs visited that Shelby exhibit at the AACA Museum.
  • With thunderstorms threatening, only 4 VFMC members showed up at the track for the April SSOTN drag racing at Cecil County. Tina, Jackie, and Greg Whitman all got new personal bests and Russell Shaw established a baseline as it was his first time . Racing was halted at 10 AM when the rain came, but by that time we had each run up to 10 passes and were all pleased with our results.
  • In May, Donald Gatenby organized our first annual Cape May trip where we visited several sites including the Vietnam Museum, Sunset Beach and the lighthouse, finishing up with dinner at Harpoon Henry's.
  • Allie and Chris Powers again organized the second poker run starting in Bucks County, proceeding to Hooters for lunch, Valley Forge Park and finishing at Arnold's Go Karts. Frani Bruton won the pot with a full house.
  • Bob announced that our online club merchandise store was now open for business, featuring our 30th anniversary T-shirts.
  • Our car show at Kimberton this year celebrated our 30th anniversary with an all time high of 213 Mustangs registered.
  • The club was well represented at the Carlisle All Ford Nationals.
  • Fifteen Mustangs rode in the Rosemont Fourth of July parade.
  • We again had our club picnic at Warwick Park.
  • On June 6, 2011, the IRS officially accepted the Valley Forge Mustang Club as a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization.
  • Jackie, Tina, Karen and Mel Zitkus attended Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach.
  • Rich Banyai arranged for 4 club members to meet Col. Folsom in Harrisburg and escort him to Trenton, New Jersey as part of the High Five Tour which was stopping in all state capitals to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Family Support.
  • Several members attended the Monuments and Mustangs MCA Grand National Show in Waldorf, Maryland. Receiving awards were Natalie Gomez, Bob Miller, Betty Shingle, Lloyd Brown, Bob Parsons, Karen Baum, Tommy Lee, Ann DiPace, Jackie Dahlen and Jim Aberts.
  • September found us conducting our meetings at our new location, the King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company.
  • Club members showed up in force for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Car Show with trophies going to Karl Feltner, Wayne Stamps, Bob Parsons, Karen Baum, and Frank Hoover and VFMC winning the Club Participation Award.
  • Several members attended the ABM Nationals drag racing at Cecil County. Karen won the grudge match against Jackie but later in the day, Jackie got her first sub-13 second time using nitrous.
  • Fifteen members in eight Mustangs again delivered gifts and food to a family in need in Norristown for Christmas.
  • We closed out the year with our annual Christmas party at Edgmont. Bob showed us a video he had made of club memories from the previous year and Bob was also voted Mustanger of the Year.

Submitted by Jackie Dahlen

» 2009

  • As the club gathered for the first meeting of the New Year, President Bob Parsons told club members to get ready for some exciting events this year.
  • Jackie Dahlen took over the keyboard and became the new editor of the Pony Express. She graciously thanked former editor Betty Shingle and Natalie Gomez for all their hard work and dedication to the newsletter. She also said to look for a new format and hoped everyone would approve of it.
  • Bob wrote about Yellow Big Bird’s victory over Raven in a quarter-mile battle at Atco Raceway.
  • The club welcomed Hailee Elizabeth Glessner, daughter of Janice and Rusty Glessner into the membership.
  • A clever Mustang Word Search by Teresa Parsons first appeared in the Pony Express.
  • Members of Mustang parts distributor, American Muscle in Malvern, PA, gave an enlightening talk on their business and spoke about the wide variety of services that they offer to Mustang owners.
  • The lure of a 2010 Mustang preview saw VFMC members heading to Philly for the Philly Car Show on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Jeff Greenly, Katie and Taylor Baum and John Carbone Jr. were the winners in the remote car contest.
  • We welcomed new member, Ron Pistone from West Chester.
  • Eric Swarr from Swarr Automotive talked about dyno testing for Mustang performance.
  • Jackie Dahlen spurred her pony to a best ever 14.478-seconds at the SSOTN Spring Nationals at Cecil County Dragway.
  • Jackie announced that the Pony Express was going electronic and that members could receive the newsletter by email.
  • The show field at our annual show in Kimberton was filled with 178 Mustangs under threatening skies.
  • The fun continued in June when VFMC headed for Carlisle to attend the Ford Nationals.
  • The June cruise meeting became the meeting of fun, food, friends and food.
  • Board member Rich Banyai, along with 11 members of the VFMC and their Mustangs, shared his daughter Ashley’s excitement at her June Mustang wedding.
  • Bob Parsons celebrated his birthday at the VFMC annual picnic at Warwick Park.
  • VFMC won the club participation award at the Muscle at Montana West car show.
  • American Muscle held their first car show. 30 VFMC members attended and all proceeds went to the Homes for Our Troops charity.
  • Karen Baum competed in Pass Time on the Speed channel and shared her thoughts with the members as the guest speaker.
  • Dave and Betty Shingle resigned from the car show chairmanship and were thanked by all the members for their years of dedicated service. Scott Lay volunteered to be the new car show chairman.
  • In November, President Parsons spoke about the upcoming year and reported that the members would like to see more driving events such as convoy’s to car show and outings. VFMC turned out for the Hatboro Holiday parade with 17 Mustangs.
  • A new plastic membership card will be available to members in 2010 when they renew their membership.
  • The Mustanger of the Year Award went to Warriors in Pink member, Cindy Brownback.

Updated by Jim Aberts

» 2008

  • The smoke drifted through the cold January air as Chris Thomas flipped burgers and turned hot dogs on the grille at VFMC’s January thaw cookout.
  • Inside, new president Betty Shingle was calling the year’s first meeting to order and talking about a trip the club was planning to the Philly Auto Show.
  • Of special interest was an article in Mustang Times on member Mick Wolk’s, 1971 Mach 1.
  • As the weather thawed, Spring activities picked up with the remote control cars racing night won by Timothy Laurens. Jim Aberts gave a talk on motor oils.
  • Members greeted newcomers Ken and Sue Lessig and Jeff Greenly in May to help stuff goodie bags for our annual show in Kimberton, PA.
  • VFMC members filled the ranks of car show entries through the summer and celebrated our country’s birthday when 16 Mustangs gathered for the annual Rosemont Fourth of July parade.
  • In the Fall, VFMC Mustangs were part of a 40-car show for Alex’s Lemonade Stand that helped raise $10,000 for ill children.
  • The quarter-mile asphalt at Cecil County Dragway was warmed in November as VFMC members said goodbye to summer. Tina Bauman, Karen Baum and Jackie Dahlen cruised into the 14-second bracket while Bob Parsons lit-up the scoreboard with an 11-second pass.
  • Activities turned to thoughts of gingerbread by year end with our annual Christmas party. Karen Baum earned a free membership by winning the Pony Points contest and Jackie Dahlen was named Mustanger of the Year for her efforts.

Updated by Jim Aberts

» 2006 - 2007

  • 2006 was a special year for the Valley Forge Mustang Club-we celebrated 25-years as a regional club of the Mustang Club of America.
  • Almost as soon as club president Joe Ottaviano opened the first meeting, there was a whisper about a 25th anniversary celebration. Club founder’s and past president’s Natalie Gomez and Jim Aberts. joined past president, Betty Shingle and Diane Daub to plan the celebration for October 13. The celebration was a hit with all the members with several past president’s and board members in attendance to share their memories of the club. Former Shelby engineer and test driver, Chuck Cantwell, was the guest speaker and held the audience spellbound as he spun his memorable stories about life with the early Shelby Mustangs.
  • The annual car show was held under clear, sunny skies with 146 ponies tied in the corral.
  • Several members drove their ponies to the MCA National in Sturbridge, MA and brought some of the awards back to the Delaware Valley.
  • Joe Ottaviano continued as president for 2007 and as the cold winds chilled the January air, all the talk was about warmer times at our annual car show, cruise nights, drag racing and cruises.
  • Dave Shingle was asking club members what he should do with a ’79 Pace Car that he had recently purchased in pieces. Should he leave it stock with the four-cylinder turbo or stuff in a 5.0?
  • With support from her husband and club members Rich Nagle and Bob Conlan, club secretary Karen Baum, enjoyed making trips down the Cecil County Dragway 1320. Competing in the “Super Stallions of the Net ” race, she completed 10 laps and vowed to come back with racing slicks.
  • By May, we were in a new meeting place and asking members to drive their ponies to the meeting place in Malvern..
  • In June, National Director Chris Thomas, exchanged his driving gloves for a chef’s hat to flip hamburgers and hot dogs at our final meeting until September.
  • As the leaves turned to gold, several members caravanned to the Willow Grove Naval Air Station to join with the 111th Fighter Wing families for a day of Mustangs and airplanes.
  • The year closed out with Mustangs and turkeys getting together to deliver turkeys to the Lord’s Pantry and then going on a nice run before the weather ended another season.

Updated by Jim Aberts - March 2008

» 2004 - 2005

  • It’s 2004 and the Mustang is 40-years old and not quite ready yet for social security. The pony is galloping towards five decades with a new body style and features that will keep it kicking for many more years.
  • Betty Shingle continued as president and kept the club driving towards another, very active year.
  • The Mustang Club of America blew out all the candles to host a 40th birthday party for our favorite pony at the Nashville Speedway in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted by the regional MCA club, Edsel Ford opened the festivities, Carroll Shelby greeted the excited Mustang owners and Jack Roush did a fly over in his P51 Mustang fighter plane. Valley Forge was well represented with many members galloping their ponies to Tennessee.
  • New members included Karen and Neil Baum and their corral of Mustangs.
  • It’s 2005. President Betty Shingle is already planning a busy year and Ford introduced the next generation Mustang. With a retro look that leaves Mustang lovers with visions of the ‘60’s, the redesigned pony is an instant winner.
  • With food always on the agenda, the club headed to the VFW Tribute Hall on a breakfast run and the annual picnic menu was being selected.
  • By the mid-year the ponies wanted to be turned loose and the Chesterbrook Cruise was a perfect run to warm their tires.
  • We also got a new website with forums and events calendars.
  • Natalie Gomez, one of the club founders and her son Brian competed in the Great Race. As rookies, driving a 1960 Falcon, they were one of 96 cars that left Washington, DC on June 25 and headed west for Tacoma, WA. They finished in second place in the Rookie Class and 38th overall. As the Great Racer’s say, “To Finish is to Win.”
  • Valley Forge was well represented at the MCA Grand national in Yougstown, Ohio bringing home five awards that included a Gold and a Patinum for Authenticity.
  • Rich Banya’s orange, 1970 BOSS 302 was one of 32-finalisis for the Classic cars of Pottstown award.
  • Terriann Baker was voted Mustanger of the Year.

Updated by Jim Aberts - March 2008

» 2002 - 2003

  • Club president Rich Nagle snapped the reins in 2002 as we galloped into a new year and some new Mustang adventures. Drag racing, road racing and some fun at a local go-kart track filled the members “need for speed.”
  • The pits at Cecil County Dragway corralled the quarter-mile ponies as lug wrenches and timing lights replaced Meguiar’s cleaners and wax rags. Rich Nagle spurred his ’93 GT into the magical 13-second range with 13.98 at 100 mph as the 1320 season got underway.
  • Rich and newsletter editor Jack O’Donnell took headed for Detroit to attend the Woodward Cruise. Rich’s GT and Jack’s Shelby were right at home with all the Dearborn horsepower. Bob and Carm Conlan were named Mustanger’s of the Year.
  • Betty Shingle took over the top-job in 2003 and asked for help from every member. At the request of the membership the monthly meetings were moved to the VFW in Paoli. Many members journeyed to the MCA national at Sturbridge, MA and the Ford 100th anniversary celebration in Dearborn, Michigan. Jim and Joan Aberts won first place in their class at the Radnor Hunt Concours D’ Elegance with their 1970 BOSS 302.

Updated by Jim Aberts - March 2008

» 1999 - 2000

  • As the decade came to a close, the excitement of owning and driving a Mustang was still strong as the sixth generation of Ford's pony car continued to stomp the competition.
  • Dave Ralph became the last President of the ' 90's as the club closed out the decade and the century.
  • We started the year out when a group of Mustang "polishers" led by 'three step' Charlie Kostic gathered in Parkesburg on a Saturday to detail the AACA Mustang raffle car.
  • Ford announced that they were going to produce 5,500 35th Anniversary Mustangs that would include unique treatments of the interior and a choice of four colors.
  • The big news for 1999 was the MCA Anniversary National in Charlotte, NC and the first appearance of the club website on the internet. Webmaster Rich Nagle introduced the club to the world with 4 pages on the net. Almost instantly, inquiries about the club increased and our membership roster exploded.
  • Several club members made the trip to Charlotte in April for the anniversary celebration and got their first look at the new, limited production Cobra R Mustang.
  • An article in Pony Express stated that the Mustang topped an internet survey that asked what is the favorite dream car.
  • New members included Keith and Edith Mock and Sharon Ann Morroney.
  • Pauline Zerbe's 1973 convertible appeared in an article in Mustang times.
  • Frank Perina was voted Mustanger of the Year.
  • We had a new meeting place, the Thorndale Fire Company and a new President, Rich Nagle, in 2000.
  • An article in the Pony Express pointed out that a survey on the Kelley Blue Book website stated that the Mustang was voted the most popular car among those surveyed. Their favorite year was 1965.
  • Our website had grown from the original 4 pages to 79 pages in 2000 with an average of 550 hits every month.
  • New members included Jill Smith and Dana Lynn Schell.
  • After an 11 month delay, Ford stopped production of the 2000 Cobra.
  • As the new decade began, club members continued to explore new venues with a trip to the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville and a breakfast caravan to the Goshen Fire Company.
  • As the year came to a close, Rich Nagle led a wild herd of ponies that included those driven by Barry Strayer and Bob Conlan to the Cecil County Dragway in Maryland for a day of hot laps on the quarter mile.
  • Another group of club members headed by Ed Malone, enjoyed a trip to see Ray Carr's collection of vintage cars, a few of which, have been driven around the world.
  • Joan Aberts was voted Mustanger of the Year.
  • Jim Aberts was voted in as the new President in 2001.

Transcribed from the September 2001 edition of the "Pony Express"

» 1997 - 1998

  • Bill Cottman took the first chair in 1997 and was already talking about new year's resolutions. Car shows, restorations and club events were mentioned in his first President's message.
  • The monthly Mustang quiz continued and asked "side marker lamps first appeared on ____ (year) Mustang?"
  • Harry Henrich became the Membership Chairman and was already eagerly at work asking members if they have a name badge...
  • The MCA Mustang Museum was off and galloping with a $500 contribution from our club.
  • The last Sunday in April found a hungry group of Mustangers headed for breakfast at the Oxford Fire Company. Clear skies, good food and a chance to gallop the Mustangs made it a fun trip.
  • By September, we lost our meeting place at the Eastwood Company and we moved the Thursday night meetings to Marchwood Hardware. Once again Marchwood Hardware owners Dave and Mina Ralph came forward to help the club out of a difficult situation.
  • In November we lost Boss 302 designer Larry Shinoda.
  • Our guest speaker at Marchwood was Jerry Schneider who gave us a great talk on collecting auto memorabilia.
  • The club Christmas party was held at the Edgemont Country Club.
  • The road rally through scenic Chester County was won by Bill Caron.
  • Mike & Glenda Yoder were voted Mustanger's of the Year.
  • Jim Aberts became President again in 1998 and an orange 1970 Boss 302 became "First Car".
  • Our car show plans were well underway as well as talk about an MCA National hosted by the Garden State Mustang Club.
  • New members included Ed and Judy Malone of Downingtown.
  • Harry Henrich led the Mustang stampede to the MCA National in Dearborn driving his 1969 Grande and recalled the trip to the Pony Express.
  • Articles in the Pony Express were about a car held together with newspaper and a study that revealed women are better drivers than men.
  • The Postal Service also announced that the Ford Mustang would be included in a collection of stamps honoring the 60's.
  • Ford announced that the redesigned ' 99 Mustang would have the 4.6 engine's horsepower boosted to 225 ponies.
  • Harry Henrich was voted Mustanger of the Year.

Transcribed from the August 2001 edition of the "Pony Express"

» 1993 - 1994

  • In the Spring of 1993, an article in the Pony Express announced that help for club members turning wrenches on their own ponies was only "a phone call away". This article posted a list of phone numbers for members to call when they needed help on their steed. Included in the list were Steve Trevisan for ' 67-' 78 Mustang and Shelby panel replacement, body repair, paint and detailing. Dave Ralph specialized in help on ' 66 Mustang interiors, front ends and general restoration. Rick Brackin offered his 25 years of mechanical experience on general repairs.
  • By the fall of 1993, the monthly meetings were moved to the community room at the Exton Mall. Ford and MCA President Bill Dillard partially unveiled the all new 1994 Mustang in San Diego.
  • At the Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania show held in October, 84 Mustangs, 5000 visitors (estimated) and many Valley Forge Mustang Club members turned out to welcome the new 1994 Mustang that was on display along with our Mustangs and a few representatives from Ford.
  • Harry Henrich was a new member, with a 1969 Grande. Frank and Rose Trevisan were voted Mustanger's of the Year.
  • By January of 1994, we had a new President named Tom Russo and a new, redesigned Mustang, designated the SN95.
  • Most Mustangers focused on the MCA's 30th anniversary of the Mustang to be held in April in Charlotte, North Carolina. A car show, concourse judging and track time promised to make this the ultimate Mustang event. Nearly every car show featured the Mustang as the honored marque and the Franklin Mint made plans to get one car from each year. Many of the club members displayed their Mustangs in the feature area.
  • Another event of the summer was the first picnic at the Mustang Barn where Fred Glazier welcomed all Mustang owners to Souderton to help him celebrate 18 years of Mustang business. 110 Mustangs were displayed on the lawn next to the barn.
  • Natalie Gomez was voted Mustanger of the Year and President Russo wrote an article for the Pony Express asking members if we should judge cars at the annual car show. Plans were already being made for the 1995 MCA Grand National to be hosted by the First Pennsylvania Mustang Club in King of Prussia.

Transcribed from the May 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1991 - 1992

  • How to hold the 1992 MCA Grand National was on the club agenda as the new decade got underway. The club, headed by Rick Andrews, decided to apply to MCA to hold a Grand National at Great Valley Hilton and the event was dubbed the Valley Forge Grand National Mustang Show. The application was denied by the MCA because of lack of experience by the club in holding national events.
  • The 1991 car show name was changed to the Chester County Car Show so that more sponsors could be approached. A discussion was held to decide whether to judge or hold a popular ballot because of lack of judges.
  • We were also planning a 10 year anniversary celebration at the annual July picnic.
  • New members included Mike and Glenda Yoder and Tony and Ann Morroney.
  • The March 1991 edition of the Mustang Times revealed that Pennsylvania had the highest number of MCA memberships at 577 as of February 1.
  • Members went white-water rafting , took a trip to the Jersey shore and the dinner cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia was a success.
  • Steve Fleischman took over the reins as club President in 1992 and repeated in the top spot in 1993.
  • An ad in the May 1992 issue of the Pony Express listed a ' 69 Grande for sale in show condition for $10,500 and a ' 71- '73 NOS Mustang hood in the Ford branded carton for $500.
  • Sunday, September 20 was the date announced for the annual road rally to be run through the scenic roads of Valley Forge Park. Third place went to driver Jack O'Donnell and co-pilots Karen O'Donnell and Cheryl Andrews.
  • Plans were underway by the MCA for a 30th anniversary Mustang celebration at the Charlotte Motor Speedway...

Transcribed from the May 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1990

  • John Schell became the President in 1990 and led the club into the new decade. The membership list in 1990 started with 95 names and ended the year with 134.
  • The club meeting place was moved to 10 Downing street, a local restaurant and pub in Downingtown.
  • Vice President Rick Andrews was asking for help at the Exton car show. The Street Driven class was still an issue and the club members voted to retain it overwelmingly.
  • A copy of the judging form was presented in the Pony Express.
  • Info for the MCA Grand National at Split Lodge in the Poconos was published in the newsletter and the First Pennsylvania Club again invited us to attend a car clinic that they sponsored.
  • Scott Whitson became the club's 100th member. A form to participate in In Search of Mustangs appeared in the Pony Express along with a blue 1970 Boss 302 for sale at $15,000.
  • President Schell first introduced the idea of a Mustanger of the Year Award that would be presented to a member who contributed to the success of the club and exemplified the spirit of all club members.
  • New members included Rich and Linda Brackin from Landenberg PA, Dave and Brenda Zimmerman from Peapack, NJ and Dennis and Carol Brooks from Bell Mawr, NJ.
  • Rick Andrews, Dave Zimmerman and Fred Synnestvedt held a judging clinic at Sloan Motors.
  • Kevin Butko won the road rally, presented by Dawyn. Bob Gomez was second and Tony Morroney was third.
  • Dawyn was named Mustanger of the Year.
  • Rick Andrews received approval from the club to submit a bid to the MCA to hold an MCA Grand National in 1992.

Transcribed from the May 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1988 - 1989

  • A 1964 1/2 coupe was for sale in the February ' 88 issue of the Pony Express for $5,000, a bargain today. Classes were still an issue for the annual car show at the Exton Mall and two new classes were added to the show, one was Street Driven / Daily Driver. The popularity of the Fox chasis was beginning to have an effect because the Modified class was divided between ' 65 to ' 73 and ' 74 to ' 88.
  • The membership now totaled 53 Mustangers.
  • This was also the first year that the club participated in the Brandywine Hospital Strawberry Festival.
  • Dawyn signed up members for a dinner cruise on the Delaware. The Pony Express announced a caravan was leaving Roy Rogers promptly at 5:00 PM. Another note in the May issue was a congratulations to Dave and Mina Ralph on the birth of a future Mustanger, Patrick David Ralph.
  • Rick D'Antonio gave a "hands on" Mustang clinic on cowl repair and the SVO Mustang was being called a future collectible.
  • In 1988, the Christmas party was held at the Holiday Inn in Lionville.
  • Clete Meyer was the club President in 1989 and John Schell was elected Vice President. Dues were $10 and the Mustang celebrated it's 25th birthday. Ford announced that it would not produce a 25th anniversary edition of the pony car. Mustang owners from Europe participated in a 7,000 mile trip across the United States.
  • Club membership now totaled 71.
  • At the Ford Motorsport Nationals in July, 129 of the 237 show cars were Mustangs, celebrating 25 years of the Mustang. Show winners at the National Shelby Meet at Camelback included Frank Trevisan, Steve Trevisan and Rod Pezzano.
  • In 1989, the annual Christmas party was held at the Concord Country Club.
  • The meeting place was moved to the Minquas Fire Company in Downingtown.
  • Ford announced that a 1990 anniversary edition Mustang LX convertible would arrive in April.

Transcribed from the April 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1984 - 1987

  • By October of 1984, a "last chance" was offered to participate in the famous Dawyn and Bob rally. The Pony Express promised hotdogs, hamburgers and marshmellows at the end. Food always gets them out. Ron Hohl took the shortest way home followed by John Schell.
  • Also seen in the Pony Express was the Mustang Pledge that among other notable comments was the pledge that "I will accept graciously the many compliments I receive on my Mustang, even though I expect them. I will not be uppity with people who buy Mustang imitations".
  • Natalie became President in 1985 and the Pony Express made mention of the first Super Ford Sunday at Maple Grove Raceway. I invited Maple Grove's General Manager Mike Lewis to come speak to the club and after his encouraging talk, we worked together to participate in the Ford Motorsports Nationals by organizing the car show and flea market.
  • In the Pony Car of the Month article, Dave Ralph talked about the Ralph's ' 66 coupe and was quoted as saying that "It all started when my wife decided that she had to have a car of her own..."We owe the Ralph's many thanks for all they have done for the club.
  • Frank Trevisan took over the club reins in 1986 and most of the Mustang talk centered around the MCA Betsy Ross Grand National to be held on Labor Day weekend in King of Prussia.
  • A notice in the Pony Express made mention that Dawyn was planning a water rafting trip in late July or early August.
  • The Mustang was 26th on the D.O.T.'s most frequently stolen cars list...
  • Once again we shrugged off the July heat to park 201 cars at the Ford Motorsports Nationals at Maple Grove.
  • The Pony Express listed a ' 58 Edsel for sale for $1,000.
  • A 1987 edition of the Pony Express announced that the Mustang was the industry's top selling "sporty" type car, outlegging the other 30 entries with sales of nearly 168,000 ponies.
  • Attractions at the 3rd Ford Motorsports Nationals included Bill Elliott and Bob Glidden's Pro Srock Thunderbird.
  • Our 6th car show was at the Exton Mall in May and club participation was outstanding. Club members were rewarded with the 1st place awards in eight classes.
  • An article in the Pony Express proclaimed the Shelby the "most famous Mustang", hmmm....and that the braintrust in Dearborn was looking at reining in the Mustang in favor of a front-wheel-drive hybrid.
  • By October, the club meetings were held at the Roy Rogers in Exton.

Transcribed from the March 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1983 - 1984

  • By May of 1983 our newsletter had a new name, The Pony Express and there was a note announcing a road rally to be held in June.
  • Membership Chairman Warren Perkins was already updating the membership roles and sent out a flyer asking for national numbers and judging credentials.
  • The first addition of The Pony Express was in the member's hands in July of ' 83 and looked pretty much like it does today. The results of the road rally were printed out and Jim and Joan Aberts won even though I have to admit that I dont recall much about the rally other than I think we drove the ' 78. Natalie and Bob finished in second and Dawyn Kindt and Bob Hayes came in third.
  • Some guy by the name of Jim Aberts wrote an article about a Boss 302 as the Pony Car of the Month and the article said that questions like "where is that Boss 302 of yours?" were asked. Some things never change...
  • We were holding the Board meetings at the Gomez residence and the newsletter was asking members "Do you want a Christmas party?" We decided to have the Christmas party and it was held at the Whitford Country Club on December 11th.
  • The new member list in August of ' 83 included Frank and Rose Trevisan.
  • Warren Perkins became the club's new President in 1984 and Dave and Nina Ralph announced that they had leather Mustang key fobs for sale at Marchwood Hardware.
  • We held an auction at the March meeting and everybody cleaned out their attic, basement, garage, spare room, etc.
  • In the 'Cars For Sale' section of the newsletter a fully restored, ' 65 coupe, 289, green with Palomino interior was selling for $4,000.
  • The Board of Directors was working on the club by-laws and Bob Hanlon, who spoke to us about T5 transmissions in 1999, became a new member. Ron and Linda Hohl joined and Natalie welcomed them as the owners of the second Boss 302 in the club. Sixteen years later that car is the Boss that Joan and I now own.
  • By summer we had written by-laws and printed a membership list...

Transcribed from the February 2001 edition of "Pony Express"

» 1981 - 1983

  • As we head into the club's 20th anniversary year, I thought it would be fun to look back on two decades of Mustangin' and see where we came from before we gallop into the next decade.
  • Some of the names and places will sound familiar and others will recall good memories of those wondeful Mustang times long ago.
  • It was the summer of 1981 when myself, Natalie Gomez and a small band of Mustang owners first met in Dick Matthews' basement to explore the world of starting a Mustang club. One thing was clear from the start, we wanted to be organized, be a regional group of the Mustang Club of America and above all, we wanted to have fun.
  • By the first week in July, we were a club, the Valley Forge Mustang Club and we held our meetings in the basement of the Downingtown Savings and Loan in Exton, across the street from Marchwood Hardware. Dick Matthews was our first President, Woody Gerhart was Vice President and Natalie was the Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Early the next year, I presented a program on part numbers, Dick Matthews was the President again and by April we had 34 members. Natalie was already putting out a newsletter called Hoofbeats, we were having a picnic meeting and planning a car show.
  • By 1983, I had become President and Dick Lynn was Vice President. We were putting on our car show at Sloan Motors and Warren Perkins was begging for help at the car show. Some things never change. T-shirts were selling for $5.
  • In the "cars for sale" section of the newsletter was a 1970 Boss 429 for $7,000 and a '66 Shelby GT-350 for $7,000. I wonder if they are still for sale.
  • Letters printed in Hoofbeats were on the subject of modified and non modified classes at car shows and one letter from some guy who took up the question of whether to "judge or not to judge". The letter writer went on to talk about the merits of judging and the enjoyment the owner feels when presented with a trophy. He said he hoped that Valley Forge would never stop judging. The author of the letter was Jim Aberts.
  • In an early-year board meeting, National Director Pat Vassallo suggested that we come up with a formal newsletter with a printed letterhead. Natalie mailed a suggestion form to all members and we started to vote. Twelve names were suggested that included Nose to Tail, Horse Sense, Popular Ponys, Horsin' Around and Pony Express.
  • In June we held a road rally and everybody could read about Natalie's ' 73 convertible in the newsletter when it was the "Car of the Month"
  • We were on our way...

Transcribed from the January 2001 issue of "Pony Express"
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