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Jackie purges at the line

Bob Conlan, ready for the green

Bob vs. a Shelby

Dennis Angelisanti

Tony Scalies at Watkins Glen

Bob frees the Bird

Rich Nagle showing how it's done

Karen Baum

Members of the Valley Forge Mustang Club have been competing in race events individually for years. Only recently have we tried to interest other members in open track and drag racing to widen our scope of Mustang oriented club activities. So far, the response has been slow but growing none the less. This page outlines a few racing events that are being attended by small groups of members who invite anyone in the Valley Forge Mustang Club to join the fun.

Corner Carving
There is a small band of open track racers within the Valley Forge Mustang Club. If your love affair with the Mustang centers around the handling aspect of these awesome machines, maybe it's time for you to join the VFMC open track racers.

These fellow club members participate in several annual events during the year, which are listed on this website's upcoming events page. Anyone who's ever raced their Mustang at Watkins Glen or Pocono is immediately hooked. These events welcome racers at all skill levels and cars at all levels of mechanical ability.

Drag Racing
There's nothing like it -

Imagine unleashing your pony in a legal and controlled environment. No holding back...foot to the floor excitement. You've heard other owners talk about their quarter mile've wondered what your machine will do...

Join a small group of VFMC drag racing junkies and find out exactly how your 'stang performs when given the spurs. Like the open track members, several of these VFMC members have been burning up the 1320 on their own for years. We're trying to increase interest in drag racing within the VFMC and you're invited. Currently we attend a semi-annual event in Maryland and members of all skill levels, including beginners, are invited. We also welcome all Mustangs from classic to late model.

In conjunction with local area Mustang clubs, we participate in the Super Stallions of the Net Nationals. The track is rented and closed to the general public. For close to 8 hours, there is non-stop racing.

For more information on VFMC Racing please contact Rich Nagle

Jackie Dahlen, Rich Nagle, Karen Baum, Tina Bauman, Bob Parsons

Tony Scalies at Watkins Glen

Dennis Angelisanti at the line

Tina Bauman ready at the line

Greg Whitman smokes 'em

Fran Bruton heatin'em up

Russ heating the Mickeys

Bob Conlan runs his new Stang

Bob smokes the Mickeys
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